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Our Work 

Wedding Cakes - 
Semi Naked Winter Wedding
The Frog Prince
Classic Piping
Dia de Los Muertos
Gold Leaf
Flamingo Love
Fresh Flowers and Rough Icing
Tree Dessert Bar
Forever and Ever Amen
Rustic Ruffles and Dessert
Cherry Blossom Ombre and Nascar
Textures in White
Aqua Ombre
Crystal Skulls
Love is Sweet Dessert
Painted Color
Elegant Batman
Silver Sequins and Lace
Retro Fishing
Naked Birch and Cupcakes
Mutual Weirdness Marbled
Love is Magical
Love is Magical
Fall Topsy Turvy
Canary and Coral Ombre
Roller Derby Wedding
Haunted Victorian Romance
Rough Ice and Rose Ruffles
Winter Wedding Cake
Flowers and Gold
Woodland Wedding
Forever in Blue Jeans
Meant to Bee
Woodland Wedding
Winter Wonderland
Ranch Wedding
Monet and the Doctor
Woodland Wedding
Geode Cake
Mutual Weirdness
Owl Always Love You
Fishin' in the Dark
How Sweet It Is
Winter Ruffles
Gold Brushing
Fairytale Wedding
Frozen Wedding
'Til Death Do Us Part
'Til Death Do Us Part
Fall Semi-Naked Wedding
Shades of Plum
Shades of Plum
Gray Pearls
Vintage Floral and Gold
Vintage Floral and Gold
Vintage Floral and Gold
White Scrollwork
Triforce and Life Hearts
Lumberjack Wedding
Small Semi Naked
Wine and Rose
Cobalt and Crystal Wedding
Classic Dessert
Layered Birch
Hitchin Barn
Fireman and Bride
Watercolor and Sheds
Ombre Rosettes and Drizzle
Monarchs and Birch
Semi Naked Blush
Enchanted Forrest Cake & Dessert Bar
Old West Romance
Batman and Barnwood
Ombre Ruffles and Roses
Scrollwork and Buttercream
Simply Succulent
Textures and Pearls
Purple Watercolor
Rough Icing and Ranunculus
Gray Quilting and Hydrangea
Crystal Sugar and Pink Roses
Ombre Naked Cake
Swiss Dot, Barrel, and Bows
Polish Embroidery
Naked Cake
Elopement Pavlovas
Retro Cherries
Ombre Gray
White Roses
Drapes and Roses
Naked Cake
Victorian Dessert
Roses and Wisteria
Fall Leaves
Fishing Silhouette
Piped Lace
Book of Love
Peony and Lace
Topsy Turvy Lace
Drop Strings and Roses
Baby It's Cold Outside
Olive Leaves
White Roses
Chalkboard and Stump
Gray and Coral
Gray and Coral Cupcakes
Rustic Love Cupcakes
Til Death Do Us Part
Old West Romance
Peacocks and Blossoms
Ombre Ruffles
Squirrels and Ribbon
Star Crossed
Batman VanGogh
Birthday and Special Event Cakes - 
Ice Cream Social
St. Patrick's Day Birthday
Doc McStuffins
Easter Cuteness
Nerf Birthday
Pin Up Werewolf
Retirement and Travel
Supercalifragilistic Fourth of July
Wintertime Candy Land
Birthday for a Jedi
Birthday Nightmare
Unicorn Cake and Cupcakes
Birthday Monster
Pikachu Card
Cake for a Baker
Wild Things
Touchdowns or TuTus
Dragon and Castle
Avengers Assemble
Mickey and Balloons
Chihuahua Bridal Shower
Princess Baby Shower
Baptism Cake
Baby, it's cold outside.
Wintertime Minnie
That 70's Cake
Monster Birthday
Where the Wild Things Are
Football or Pom Poms?
Birthday Nightmare
Gender Reveal Mario or Peach?
Little Knight
Baby Girl Rosettes and Booties
Tweety Bird
Yellow Hat
Love a Nurse
Celebrating 90
Rainbow Unicorn
Blackhawk Groom's Cake
Twinkle Twinkle Gender Reveal
Bridal Shower Stripes and Polka Dots
Vintage Race Car
Vintage Airplane
Baby Fox
Korean Hanbok
Alice in Wonderland
Sea Turtles
On the Farm Baby Shower
Woodland Baby Shower
Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower
Skull Airbrushing
Dumbo's First Birthday
Monster High
Chocolate Legos
Minecraft RedStone
Ombre Rosettes
Remembering Bob
Minnie Mouse Ears and Bow Birthday
KISS plaque
Mermaid Birthday
My Little Pony Birthday
Golfing Birthday
Aristocats Birthday
Disney Dia de los Muertos Birthday
Superhero Birthday
Fallout Birthday
Open to See Baby Shower
Monkeying Around Baby Shower
Green Mamba and Tropical Flowers
Walking Dead Birthday
Grumpy Cat Birthday
Minnie Mouse Birthday
Ice Cream Cake
Sugar Skull
Baby Toothless
Having a Ball
Little Man
Little Man Smash
Puppy Love
Paint Splash
Han Solo
Thanks a Minion
Lego Batman
Graduation Trio
You Are My Sunshine
Mini Cakes
Baby Derby
Antique Airplane
Super Minions
Bridal Shower
Operation Graduation
Animal Print
Animal Print Smash
Gone Fishin'
Bridal Shower Silhouette
Fishing for a Yes
Baby Bum
Traditions of Christmas
Baby Shower
Vintage Stork
Super Baby
Red Baron Birthday
Road Map
Boy Baptism
Pregnant Silhouette
It's a Girl
Old Glory
Dimensional Cakes - 
Chubby Unicorn
Chubby Unicorn
I Am Groot
Super Minions
Baby Foxes
Bacon Cheeseburger
Baby Grand
Grill Beast
Light House
Phillip the Unicorn
Rosebud the Dragon
Cookies and Cream
Jack Daniel's Barrel
Francisco the Flamingo
Go Zags!
Harley Quinn
Monster Book of Monsters
Wonder Woman
Tattoo Minions
Pug and Pillow
Sea Gal
It's the Great Pumpkin, Snoopy
Puppy Cake
Sorting Hat
Roller Girl
Kitten and Yarn
Jim Beam
Pho King
Sugar Skull
Cat in the Hat
Baby Elephant
Pirate Treasure
Cherry Bomb Brawlers
Retro Apron
Hello Kitty
Wonder Woman
Lady Bug
Baby Bump
Baby Toothless
Brown M 'n M
Volkswagon Bus
Elsa and Anna
Cowboy Boot
Monsters Inc.
Sugar Skull
Princess Leia
Super Bowl
Green M 'n M
Bunny in a Box
Purple Llama
Zombie Foot
Specialty Cupcakes and Cookies - 
Woodland Baby Shower
Go Zags!
Coloring Cookies
Easter Cookies
Anti-Valentine's Day
Easter Basket Coloring Kits
St. Patrick's Day
Happy New Year
Happy Hanukkah
Painted Owls
Dia de los Muertos
Voo Doo Dolls
Let's Flamingle
Unicorn Cupcakes and Cookies
Unicorn Cookies
Rainbow Unicorn Cupcakes
Springtime Tea Party
Studio Ghibli
Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
Home Sweet Home
Finding Dory
Bridal Shower Panties
Pac Man
Ladies' Night
Ballerina Tutus
Love Birds
Valentine's Cupcakes
Jars of Hearts
Rose Cupcakes
'Til Death Do Us Part
'Til Death Do Us Part
Tea Time
Tea Time
On the Farm
U of I Vandals
Life Hearts
Little Mermaid
Antique Aircraft
Antique Aircraft
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Bridal Shower Stripes and Dots
Father's Day
Be My Teddy Bear
The 80s
Breast Cancer Awareness
Little Mermaid
Blush and Gold
Minnie Mouse
Hello Kitty
Beanie Boos
Baby Girl
Elephants and Duckies
Shrek Cupcakes
Disney Love Quotes
My Friend Totoro
Sugar Skulls
Baby Boy Shower
Super Heroes
Cupcake Cake
Book Cookies
Book Cookies
Lego Movie
Red Ribbon
Baby Groot
Star Wars
Hand Painted Pets
Puppy Love
Puppy Love

Celebrate the Joy - 

Happy Birthday
Hello Cupcake!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Cookie Monster
Happy Birthday
Coloring Cookies with Dad
Happy Birthday
Coloring Cookies
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday
Happily Ever After
My Little Pony and the Godfather
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday
Happily Ever After
Welcome Baby
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Welcome Baby!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!
Welcome Baby!
Congratulations Graduate!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happily Ever After
Happy Birthday!

Testimonials - 

I have had no better pastries or cakes than Pastry and More products. My family and I have a hard time even imagining the holidays without orange rolls. I can't thank the owners or cake decorators for always coming through with gorgeous cakes. THAT TASTE INCREDIBLE. They are truly a business above the rest. My family has gone there for about 14 years. And will continue. Thank you for your outstanding customer service.                                                                                                                                                      - Melody K.


Our wedding cake turned out perfect! Went in there with a picture and Amanda drew up something spectacular! Was so yummy we hardly had any cake left! Great price and will be a frequent flyer for their yummy treats they have!                                                                                      - Kelsey B.


We stopped here on the way through so that we could pick up some dinner rolls for Thanksgiving.  Based upon the rave reviews of other customers we also bought pumpkin pie and the orange rolls.  We were sure glad that we did. The dinner rolls were soft and delicious.  I like my rolls a little more "doughy" but my wife and kids devoured them.  They were, admittedly, very good.  The frosted orange rolls were sweet enough to eat as that's how we ate them. The pumpkin pie was easily the best pumpkin pie I've had.  The pumpkin filling was spicy without being too spicy.  Great crust. We were glad we exchanged home cooking for a professional baker.  That is not our typical sentiment.                                       - Brad E.



Basically, you have a choice between a cookie-cutter cake at Ralph's bakery or something special at Pastry and More.  If you are buying a cake for your Bud Light drinking father-in-law, you can probably get away with a Ralph's cake... But if it's a special occasion, and you really want to impress, spend the extra 10 bucks! I needed a pirate theme, so the Master Baker, Amanda, made this amazing 3-D cake with a skull and cross bones, and covered with delicious gold and tasty jewelry and mouth-watering treasure!  It was definitely an artistic masterpiece! My son was thrilled, and our memories are priceless! Thanks Amanda!                                                                                                                                                                                             - James L.



I wound up going here based on the reviews I read, and I'll definitely be going back! I ordered a custom birthday cake for my son and it came out amazing, and tasted great. The staff was very nice and helpful. We bought a peanut butter cookie on the way out and it was the best I've ever tasted!                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Danielle S.


By far, the best cakes in Cda. The cake decorator is a true artist and master of her craft. They have yummy boxed lunches with wraps and sammies that are delish and their decorated cookies are addictive. Every cake I've gotten here has surpassed my expectations and their prices are fair. You may find a cheaper cake, but you won't find a better one.                                                                                                                  - Toni C.


Came here on a recommendation and so glad I did! Came in with a picture from Pinterest (classy, right?) and Amanda created this amazing wedding cake for me and my husband! Love these guys so much that I got my birthday cake from here as well!!                                                                                              -  Kelsey S.


My obsession with Pastry and More grows daily! The double dutch cake is dangerously delicious. I ordered a birthday cake last week for a little boy who loves the ninja turtles. I assumed they would just make a pic out of piped frosting. Not the case! What I got was the most amazing, hand-crafted ninja turtle made of fondant and hand painted. They go above and beyond at Pastry and More. That is how you do business, other small businesses should take note.                                                                                              - Sarah B.


I cannot even begin to express how impressed I am by the 'walking dead' cookies I had custom ordered through this business! They are absolutely incredible, and even better than the original idea I presented to them. Extraordinary work, and amazing customer service!                                                               -  Rori B.


Amanda helped us design an amazing cake for our 20's inspired wedding. I was in love with it. When our plan fell through I went in and told her we had decided to take a more backyard garden party approach. I didn't give her much time or really any direction. It was beautiful. It was the prettiest part of my wedding and I couldn't have asked for someone more talented to be a part of my wedding day! It was so incredible I didn't want anyone to eat it.                                                                                                                      - Becca J.


Pastry and more is like heaven on earth. A place to visit to satisfy the sweetness in you! Just try it! While you are at it check out the fantastic workers!!!! Wonderful place!                                                    - Priscilla B.




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