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Neither snow nor rain nor heat...

We are right in the middle of wedding season and every weekend brings a new set of challenges. Gravel roads, hot and humid temperatures, thunder storms and muddy venues, summer traffic, road construction, GPS failure, and the ever constant stress of making a piece of edible art for what will be one of the biggest days in someone’s life. This is not for the faint of heart and failure is devastating, heartbreaking and NOT an option. We have driven cakes as far as Billings, Montana and Lewiston, Idaho. We’ve been down Bumblebee Creek and up Schweitzer Mountain. We have driven cakes in temperatures ranging from below freezing to above 100 degrees. We fight with wedding planners who want cakes at venues early for photographs, not understanding that buttercream cannot sit for 6 hours and survive. We try to assuage ruffled feathers and frustrated mother in laws when we have to push back a delivery due to heat or humidity. So here are a few things we would like you to know about delivering wedding cakes:

  1. We know that this cake is the centerpiece of your reception, which is why we want it to be perfect. However, we are a scratch bakery; there are no preservatives or emulsifiers here. Chiffon cake is beautiful but delicate and butter begins to go soft and melt at just over 70 degrees. These things cannot sit out for more than a few hours before catastrophic failure becomes a real possibility.

  2. Gravel roads are the enemy. So are switchbacks and severe grades. Please let us know if there are any of these on the way to your venue.

  3. Traffic happens. Accidents happen. This frustrates us too. There is nothing worse than being trapped on a freeway with a wedding cake in the back and an angry bride on the phone. Please be understanding.

  4. We want to make you happy. We want to give you everything you’re asking for. But this medium has limits. Sugar and butter are only so cooperative. Sometimes concessions must be made. Whether that means no whipped cream during the height of August heat or suggesting a later delivery time, these suggestions are made because we want nothing but the best for you.

Thank you for understanding. We cannot wait to bake up something beautiful for you…and deliver it too.

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