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Celebrate the JOY...

There’s a moment that happens. It’s usually around 2:00 in the afternoon. You’ve been at work since 11:00 the night before. Your feet hurt. The phone and the doorbell have been ringing all day. There are still a few cakes left to decorate and deliveries to be made. You can’t remember if you’ve eaten anything or if you’re even hungry. The dishes are piling up and then there’s the constant worry of disappointing someone. That’s the moment that you want to throw the towel in. It’s in that moment that we remember the joy. It’s such a small word: JOY. We are in the business of baking people happy. Whether it’s a thousand dollar wedding cake or the first Christmas cookie of the season, there is so much joy to be had. And that makes every late night and dirty dish, worth it. So please, check out our newest photo album, experience the joy with us. And thanks to you, our wonderful customers, for the privilege of being a part of those joyous moments; thank you for being a part of our family.

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